Fall Vibes

Here in Utah we get AMAZING fall leaves. Every year I want to do a fall shoot but every year I miss it. Well not this year! These were taken up American Fork Canyon. If you have any questions feel free to email me!

Models: @dana.moore @vintagesouls13_ dsc_5428 dsc_5469 dsc_5488 dsc_5496 dsc_5499 dsc_5552 dsc_5557 dsc_5569 dsc_5593 dsc_5611 dsc_5622 dsc_5633 dsc_5638 dsc_5659 dsc_5674 dsc_5677 dsc_5701 dsc_5721 dsc_5774 dsc_5775 dsc_5796 dsc_5814 dsc_5842 dsc_5863 dsc_5889natg


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